Our Guarantee

At Canada Pop Culture and Sports Memorabilia we have been buying and selling autographs for over 20 years. We deal with some of the best players out there. We acquire most of our autographs from personal signings, in-person dealings with the players/celebrities, or purchases from reputable dealers.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on every item we sell. It is not only a business for us; our mission is your complete satisfaction and to help you find that item you have sought after for so long.


What is a COA?

A COA is the seller’s guarantee to the authenticity of their product.

Check your COA Number

Should you buy an autograph just because it has a COA?

NO. COA’s (certificates of authenticity) these days can be meaningless. Anyone with a printer can print off their own certificate and sell it with any item they buy at their local market. Our certificate offer a guarantee. We have matching numbered hologram stickers that go on both the product and certificate. This ensures that the item accompanying the certificate is the actual item inspected by Jason and therefore covered by our guarantee.
It is difficult for buyers to be sure that a certificate that accompanies a purchase is the one originally provided – especially if those items and certificates have exchanged many hands. Enter your certificate # here and you can verify that the item is in our database.


Why Shop with Us


We have been a leader in Canada for over 20 years for autographed sports memorabilia and collectibles.


We stand behind our products 100%, which is why we offer your money back on any forged or false products.


Through our extensive network, we are able to bring you and your dream piece together!

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What can we do for you? Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, something for your den, or you run a sports bar that’s needs that special touch – we can do it. We have set up over 20 offices/dens and 3 sports bars, and have made many individuals very happy with their collections.

Please visit our Online Shop and feel free to call with any questions. If you are looking for anything in particular send us an email. With many of our players we can have the autograph personalized to your specifications (i.e., Happy birthday, best wishes etc.)