Wondering how to start a collection for buying and selling autographs?

Yes there is a market! For decades, it’s been a hobby for many to follow athletes’ success with the purchase of autographed jerseys, sticks, balls, gloves, and even pucks! Trust Canada Pop Culture and Sports Collectibles to help you acquire the pieces you are looking for. We know the excitement of owning an original autograph; that’s what makes this hobby fun.

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Helping You Get The Right Product

We help you by sourcing truly authentic autographs at great prices! Over 30 years, Jason has been developing connections with teams and athletes and sourcing reliable autographs you can treasure.

Be careful of dealers that have lots of stock of hard-to-get players. You may want to think twice!

Hockey autograph collecting is the best place to start. We find the players are very approachable. Below is a list of sports in order from top to bottom, from the easiest to the most difficult to obtain!






(the hardest to obtain and many do not offer signed autograph items)


If you are looking for that special photo, ball, or jersey to get signed, drop us a line. Our staff would be more than willing to help!

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How we find autographed items

We’ve found these are good ways to obtain that prized autograph:

Personal correspondence with the player or individual:

Many older greats are deceased i.e., Babe Ruth, Maurice Richard etc., and their autographs add a lot of value to your collection. Some players are very willing to sign for you through the mail. IT TAKES TIME but you may see some great players, Hall-of-Famers etc. We will wait multiple years to get a response from some players through the mail but please let us know what you are looking for.

Direct requests to the individual:

We are very successful when meeting athletes in person. This could be a great experience or may turn you against the player. A couple of things we’ve learned: don’t interrupt while they are in a restaurant, and don’t ask for 10 autographs at once. In our experience, if you ask to have it personalized you will get a better response and a nicer autograph. Hockey players seem to be the easiest players to access but we will work with to find the player you seek.

Purchasing from a dealer:

There are tons of autograph dealers and promoters out there. Some are great and some are fake. We always do our homework on the specific autographs. You can ask us for a 100% money back guarantee. It’s pricey but you can get some of the tough autographs you seek.


We often attend auctions. You just never know what you will find at sports/celeb auctions around the world.

Antique dealers and pawn shops:

Yes, we check out these great places to find treasures. I once purchased a Babe Ruth baseball from a pawn shop.


As your collection grows, you might want to trade with others. It’s fun and you can learn a lot. Speak with us about putting your items online here on our site on consignment.